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The storage of valuable artworks is a science in its own– and our team of highly qualified specialists covers all aspects of fine art handling and, most importantly, has extensive experience in storing art.

Our art storage site is located in the heart of Switzerland just a few minutes from Zurich Airport. It is one of the most advanced and secure art storage facilities in Switzerland.

With over 3,500 m² of climate-controlled storage space protected by a security system, museums, galleries, artists, exhibitors and collectors benefit from the following:

  • Highest security standards
  • Storage tailored to customer’s individual needs
  • Ideal conditions due to precise ambient temperature and humidity control
  • Showrooms with different lighting effects
  • Workspaces for conservation work
  • Open bonded warehouses for transit goods and online connection to customs office
  • Sophisticated coding system for discretion and anonymity

We also have a modern, fine art storage facility in Geneva, to be able to be close to our clients at all times. We would be glad to arrange a meeting with you to discuss our services and, if required, present some attractive insurance models.

Crozier: Your reliable art storage specialist

With Crozier at your side, you have a skilled and reliable storage professional for your valuable artifacts, whether it’s an expensive painting, a piece of antique furniture, a delicate sculpture or a valuable musical instrument. Our highly qualified team of logistics and fine art experts has extensive experience handling art objects.

Thanks to our lean and finely tuned processes, Crozier not only delivers the highest quality professional services, it can also offer its clients very favorable terms and conditions. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned art expert, let us assist you in our capacity as a professional consultant and facilitator.

Storing valuable artworks is our core competency

Our core competency is the professional storage of valuable artifacts, whether it’s for a few days or several months. We store your artworks in specialized, high-security facilities, which are monitored 24/7 using CCTV cameras and an alarm system, and further protected with security fencing. Crozier is the only service provider that has an art storage facility close to the airport, thus ensuring the most efficient, secure and cost-effective transport possible.

Stored in our high-security fine art warehouse, your valuable artifacts are not only protected against theft and damage caused by external influences, they also benefit from optimal environmental conditions. The temperature in our repositories is maintained at 18–22 °C, providing an ideal environment at all times for your art objects. And for particularly sensitive paintings and valuable objects, we guarantee a constant temperature of 20–22 °C and ideal humidity levels of 50–55% in our climate-stable art warehouses.

Our qualified art experts store a wide range of objects:

  • High-value and delicate goods
  • Art objects
  • Antique furniture
  • Sculptures
  • Designer furniture
  • Musical instruments

Our high-security art storage facility is strategically located close to Zurich Airport at Steinackerstrasse 47, 8302 Kloten. Please understand that in the interest of optimal security provisioning, customers may only access our storage facility using a security code and accompanied by a Crozier staff member. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Naturally, we have the flexibility to grant you access to your artworks at short notice. Please don’t hesitate to ask us.

Incidentally, our art storage facility is both an open customs warehouse (OCW) and a Swiss warehouse.


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